Ragusa Telekom was established in 2010. We have grown from a small scale company to a company of great repute. Our team is experienced but we also employ young experts who give us a fresh take on problem solving. In our work we primarily focus on realizing new ideas, however, we also enhance existing needs in the sphere of IT and telecommunications.

What we offer

In Ragusa telekom we offer a wide spectrum of efficient services and solutions which range from simple to complex. We pride ourselves with a vast experience of providing IT support for the tourism industry.


Our mission is to develop new telecommunication and IT techniques and methods. We are well aware that in order for a business to succeed it needs to have top notch IT solutions. With that in mind we aim to provide excellent solutions that best serve your needs, so you can concentrate on the business at hand.

Our goal

Our main goal is to have happy clients. In order to achieve that we offer a high level of support. Going the extra mile for our clients is our way of ensuring a long and fruitful collaboration.